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Fall on the Horizon

Fall air just looks better.

Fall air just looks better.

The weather’s changed recently, and thank goodness for that. Three days of rain last week—relentless, plodding drops, as opposed to Florida’s usual, mercurial storms—and then, almost imperceptibly, the air became just a little nicer. Like, all summer, the outside greets you like a punch to the nose. Like someone sneaking up behind you, wrapping your head and neck in a hot, wet towel and then daring you to go about your business.

Now? The air gives you a quick half-hug and then lets you be.

(I could just say, “Hey, it’s not as humid outside, yay,” but I’m imprecise like that.)

Fall is my favorite season—such as it is in Florida: a subtle shift in outlook, when the sunlight seems actually bright and crisp instead of hazy, hot oppressiveness.

I mean, it’s still too warm right now to be considered fall, but it’s nice—nice for riding my bike around the island, reading on the porch, strolling the beach in the usually unforgiving afternoon sun. It certainly sucked to have my leg in a cast during the god-awful summer heat, but I’m happy I can be out and about as it gets nicer.

Speaking of, the ankle healing is still a work in progress—slower than I’d anticipated (my goodness I’d forgotten what a pain-in-the-ass lower-body injuries are), but it’s allowing for a steady increase in activity, which the rest of my body appreciates.

The bad news is, I had to bow out of our October hockey tournament, which left the team with not enough skaters, so now nobody gets to play.

The good news is, I’m hosting a gathering that weekend instead—partly by request (and yes, it’s really cool when people request that you throw a party) and partly in appreciation of last year’s movers (and celebration that their feat of moving doesn’t have to be recreated just yet). So far, the guest list is stacking up admirably, which is a miracle of modern schedules (helps that the hockey players had the weekend blocked off already).

And it shall be called Bananatoberfest. (Awkward, but evocative.) (Holy god with the parentheses.)

In fact, the guest list is looking so good that there might be some logistical issues in my tiny apartment—which is a cool problem to have, believe you me. Besides, if the weather is nice enough, we can open the doors and let folks spill out onto the porch and lawn. And the fall weather will be another thing to celebrate.

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