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What I am currently…

Reading: The Shipping News; longform.org; text messages regarding Boucher’s firing.

Listening to: Broken Bells; Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins; the goddamn motherfucking peacocks.

Watching; The Wire season three; the fog roll in; my bracket die.

Eating: SPAM and eggs; raw broccoli and homemade blue cheese dip (sour cream, mayo, blue cheese, Worcestershire and celery salt.)

Wearing: horsey pajama bottoms and a tore-up grey t-shirt.

Pondering: a bike ride, a jog, or a game of Wii golf.

Bemoaning: the destructive tendencies of my new Target shoes; my decision to play Wii golf instead of exercise.

Remembering: a dream about feeding pretty chickens; a dream about stepping off the dock into dark water.

Regretting: Drinking Mama Brown’s Bud Light “Platinum”; putting Gonzaga in my final four.

Yelling at: the peacocks; the squirrels; the cat; Wii golf.

Feeling: a humid-cool breeze;  a sandspur splinter in my foot; a dangerous craving for chicken parm.

Celebrating: an eagle on 18; a blog in the books; a foggy and unaccounted for Sunday afternoon.

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