Endless Commentary on the Modern World

In this week’s search for a blog topic, so many issues surfaced—so many “serious” points I wanted to make, all of which would be painful and exhausting to write about, with the awful, ever-present cloud hanging over me, saying, “There’s no guarantee you’re going to communicate your thoughts effectively. And even if you do, nobody has to listen.


“And even if they do listen, there’s always, always more to say.”


There are countless (really, so many) nuances to be addressed the Zimmerman trial and the Rolling Stone cover. There are lingering issues of the language of locker rooms and outrage in general on the internet. And, in every waking moment, there are my own unsteady emotional torrents yanking things around in my head in ways that may or may not relate to everyone else’s reality—brain flotsam.


Everything seems to be a constant, unrelenting source of outrage fueling outrage fueling outrage. It is an outrage feedback loop. It makes me angry, then tired; sympathetic, then frustrated; inspired, then resigned.


And so.


I walked to the beach, in a steady drizzle.


And I made a sandcastle.




Happy Hump Day, everyone. Let’s coast a bit, shall we?



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One response to “Endless Commentary on the Modern World

  1. I love you gave your sandcastle dwellers a nice ramp to get to the door, that’s thoughtful of you.

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