Fantasy Wednesday: $10,000



My hump-day fantasy theme is money. This actually came to me a few weeks ago–how I can’t bring myself to fantasize about Power Ball millions, but what a relief a slightly more modest fortune could be.

However, after modestly fantasizing about debt-repayment and responsible saving (and trust me, those are powerful fantasies), I can’t seem to prioritize any indulgences–there aren’t any big purchases I long for, and while a variety of experiences would be nice (a trip to wherever, season tickets, a bunch of fancy dinners), nothing jumps up to the top.

So, basically, I turned this into a modest shopping blog in honor of one of my favorite gift sites. These days, more than half of the 10 grand would go straight to pay off my credit card and car. After that, I decided I’d use the leftover to purchase 10 vaguely useful, occasionally overpriced and exceptionally awesome tchotchkes from Uncommon Goods:*

  1. Rawr.
  2. Classiest rally shots ever.
  3. A polar bear that vomits ice cubes!
  4. The coastal region of Southwest Florida: a place to lay my head.
  5. I’m too flabby for the mitts these days, but I still want a boxer’s robe—and it’s good for the environment!
  6. Yay for letters.
  7. I’ve failed at making compost for some time now (which is pretty sad, if you think about it).
  8. I can’t tell if this would improve my grilling or my stick-handling (or neither). Also I wonder if they have different brands.
  9. Perty skirt. (This one, too.)
  10. And, well, duh.

*And these are just things for me; shopping for other people on that site is almost as much fun.


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