I seriously need to get back into shape. I just did a feature for January involving “the fit getting fitter,” and the photos…are not particularly flattering. I mean, I’m not one to be flattered by photography to begin with, but there’s a spread with my paunch and ever-present sweaty jowls on one side, and a fit and beautiful blonde TRX devotee on the other. And I’m like, fuuuuuuuck.

Of course, I think for most of us, a wonderful, attainable body image is perpetually in the past. Surely you’ve done that: Looked at yourself in a picture from years ago, remembered that back then you fretted over your thighs or your lack of a six-pack, and thought, “If I could only go back to that! I promise I’ll appreciate it this time!”

But punishing yourself tends not to work so well; it’s more helpful to think about the things you’re already doing well. So, hey, I’m eating breakfast a little more regularly–a Kashi waffle or scrambled egg; would be nice to get back into the yogurt-and-fruit smoothies I used to make, but: baby steps. I had my favorite Epicure salad for lunch yesterday–arugula, hearts of palm, avocado, grilled chicken and sliced parmesan, with oil and vinegar. And dinner last night (aside from the bourbon) was a modest portion of a baked chicken thigh, roasted Brussels sprouts and asparagus, and an indulgent scoop of mac ‘n cheese.

I’ll play some hockey tonight. I take long walks every day–a one-miler with McD, plus whatever other wandering I do. Rode my bike nine miles on a whim on Saturday, and another two on Sunday.

It’s nowhere near the competitive schedule I’ve kept in the past–the one I pretended to have in my article–but it’s better than nothing. Like the fish says, just keep swimming…


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