Willie, Willie

Why? Because I learned it from a blog (some 13 years ago), and you should, too.

Why? Because it spans centuries of history in a concise 30 seconds; because it’s within arm’s reach of historical discussions that come up fairly frequently in America (among those who discuss history fairly frequently). And because it’s AWESOME for Jeopardy.

Here now, the English monarchs, from William the Conqueror (1066) to today. (Sans Oliver Cromwell and Queen Jane. But they’re for another blog.)

Willie, Willie, Harry, Stee,
Harry, Dick, John, Harry Three,
One, two, three Neds, Richard Two,
Harries four, five, six, then who?
Edwards four, five, Dick the Bad,
Harries twain, Ned Six (the Lad),
Mary, Bessie, James, you ken,
Then Charlie, Charlie, James again,
Will and Mary, Anna Gloria,
Georges four, Will Four, Victoria,
Edward Seven next and then
Came George the Fifth in 1910;
Ned the Eighth soon abdicated,
Then George the Sixth was coronated.
After which, Elizabeth,
And that’s all, folks, until her death.


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