10 Randomly Selected Pics from my Phone

Because as I was making room in my memory card, I realized what an odd and awesome selection of memories a phone can hold. So I thumbed through the file with my eyes closed and picked whatever my fingers landed on.

Aw, Krazy Kevin with the Progeny.

Lunch on a downtown bench, with a sandwich from nearby Artisan Cheese and The Shipping News on my Kindle.

This is a bartender at the now-defunct OT. I can’t remember exactly, but I can almost promise you that we’re showing her a video of Kevin.

Siesta Beach, winter sunrise. I’d been rather unhappy about having to go there at dawn to research a story (especially since it’s a 50-minute drive), but obviously it was worth it.

Mrs. Deelio and me, breakfast trip to Cracker Barrel with the boys.

El Toro tequila in the freezer, ready for Cinco de Derby.

Ah yes, what I consider the most scenic view from a toilet in town–at Ceviche’s fourth-story rooftop bar.

So many of my photos are about food, but I don’t think I’m alone there. This is the specials menu from a Wednesday-night happy hour at Pier 22.

Big strong man cook meat.

Aaaaand this is my hockey bag. And I have no idea why or when this pic was taken. But there you have it.


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One response to “10 Randomly Selected Pics from my Phone

  1. Lefty

    I’m really excited Progeny made the cut. A little frightened that it was with Krazy Kevin, but hey, at least I was within arms reach if he needed to be slapped.

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