Day Off No. 1

Woke up at 6:30, first of all, and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I got right to a frenzied cleaning pace–laundry, floors, general straightening up. I’m not particularly systematic. (If I were, I guess, I probably wouldn’t let things get so disheveled in the first place.) Instead, I’m a chain-cleaner: putting socks in the hamper, I step in kitty litter; grab the broom and sweep up a pile, but while I’m looking for the dust pan I walk through the kitchen and start putting dishes in the dish washer. That is, until I uncover a hammer, move to put it away and discover a pile of magazines that needs to be recycled–and so on and so forth. Not the best method if you have specific goals, but when you’ve got all day, hell, it works well enough.

And it’s pretty similar to how I’m approaching this week off, too. There are several projects I’ve thought I might get to, but I’m still playing it by ear and moving with what moves me. I want to be productive; I want to get some housework done, some yardwork done, some relaxing done. But if, en route to the bank, I am moved to, say, go to the beach instead…well, that works, too.

Still and all, today was more work than not. First thing when the clock struck nine was to call the plumber–our kitchen sink’s been clogged like a mofo for more than a week. And as if it weren’t bad enough that we couldn’t wash any pots and pans, every time I got up for a nice glass of chocolate milk I was greeted with a sink full of rotten drain funk. If we dared start the dishwasher, we were in there with buckets bailing bilge water halfway through the cycle.

So the byproduct of getting that solved was waiting around all morning for the plumber, and knocking out some housework in the meantime. After that, aside from a quick trip to Publix, it was waiting for our gym appointment at 6. And now I’m too dead to do anything. Not much of a first-day vacation, but hey, I got some house stuff done (including washing pots and pans yay!). Of course, I inevitably discovered new projects in the process. But I have a feeling tomorrow, which includes my mother’s birthday and CCB’s last day of work for the week, is going to involve more venturing forth…



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2 responses to “Day Off No. 1

  1. I feel the need to clarify that I was not getting chocolate milk OUT of the sink, but sink stank’s proximity to the fridge was…nasally offensive. And wretch-worthy.

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