What I Am…

Doing: Whiling away a Friday.

Digesting: Two strips of bacon and half a flopsy waffle. (Note to self: Don’t leave Eggos on the counter.)

Eating: Tzatziki sauce. With my finger.

Reading: The warning label on my hand sanitizer. “For external use only.”

Wondering: But what if I wanted to sanitize my SOUL?!

Listening to: Tappity tapping keyboards and grammatical observations from McD and Beaucha.

Feeling: Ennui, anxiety, and hope. For a hot dog.

Nursing: Deltoids and triceps, thanks to Uppercut; hamstrings and back, thanks to Fit Crew.

Making: Lunch plans and gurgly noises. (And questionable use of work time.)

Trying to Get Out of My Head: “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger,” Kelly Clarkson

Regretting: Telling you about that whole Kelly Clarkson thing.

Anticipating: Baseball at the Trop tonight.

Celebrating: New pap smear regulations! (Seriously, and sorry, boys, but when you expect an annual and get a consultation, that’s a good morning.)

Congratulating: CCB, for his new Microsoft certifications and impressive shock of back hair.

Picking: Tzatziki sauce out of my keyboard. And…granola?

Longing For: A hot dog.

Remembering: The health column I’m supposed to be finishing right now…

Considering: Posting something else later with more narrative and pictures and stuff.


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