Fit Crew

So, we discovered (or, rather, “were presented with”) a new gym in our neighborhood. You can check out the work blog to see the basic, non-scarcastic story.   Here, I’d like to talk about vanity.

I will absolutely post any and all flattering pictures of myself, but when it comes to the not-so-flattering ones, well…my FB cover image is me in a horse mask. I have a profile picture with a beer bottle up my nose. Sometimes, if you can’t be 100 percent pretty, you might as well embrace the funny and the fugly alike. If they’re going to say you have a “nice personality” anyway, you might as well show it.

This pictorial guide to our first Fit Crew visit is from a whole album taken that day (in honor of the fund raiser they were doing for this kid who…did something. I dunno. He’s going to Australia). (Edited 5/19 to add: Thanks to Julia for the pics!) I think it’s a decent representation of our efforts. But it’s also an incredibly beautiful look at my…personality.

As you can see, I have a great personality. And a generous spirit. This is my gift to you.

Exercise explanation.

Warm-up “lap” up and down the road. I love this because, given the amount of non-exercise foot traffic we get in our neighborhood, I always feel a little weird going for a jog. I don’t know what I’d do if I suddenly saw 30 people  running up and down our street (which is only three blocks over).

Pull-ups for the uninitiated (and weak-armed).

To myself: Ok, seriously? SERIOUSLY?! THIS is the face you make? You look like Steven Seagal mourning a cruller. Jesus. (P.S. Honey, really, the spare tire needs to go back in the car.)

Given the previous picture, it seems uncharitable to point out the person-to-bar-weight discrepancy here. So I won’t.

There weren’t many people relegated to the PVC bar, but by far, I made it look the heaviest.

I call this one “Triumphant Monkey.”

Synchronized “pull-ups.”

Don’t look too hard–we’re not embarrassing ourselves in this pic. (Because we’re…not in this pic.)

Post workout, monkeys flex and eat bananas.

(In all seriousness, though: good times. I’ve been not at all self-conscious the two visits we’ve made, which is lovely. And hey, if you’re making faces, it means you’re working hard. Or…you just have a propensity toward making funny faces. Whichever.)



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4 responses to “Fit Crew

  1. CCB

    The weights are the same, mine just look so much smaller, because i’m so much bigger and more powerful.

  2. Julia

    Hi! I took the pixs that day:) I’m happy to
    Share and u guys did great, it’s a kick ass workOut, hard but always changing it up.good job! I loved looking back at the pics!!

  3. Martina Mallery

    I’ve been with Fit Crew since August, absolutely love the place, have had great results: minus 13% body fat! Funny pictures, that’s exactly what I look like when I work out! Have fun!–Martina Malleryh

  4. Thanks, Julia! And thank you both for the encouragement–looking forward to sticking with it!

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