The In-Between Post

Here we are on a hockeyless Sunday, and I am in need of a blog. Sucks that I’m behind. It’s hard when you’ve got a few different things to get written–personal blog tends to slip down the priorities list a little. (Not out of desire, you understand; out of paycheck guilt.)

Anyway, I’ve got a few different things going on–potential topics, exciting new stuff and contemplative appreciation of old things, big accomplishments and quiet little happies.

Had an awesome first experience with FitCrew on Wednesday (working on a workblog for that right now). Big J and a coworker came out on Friday to estimate some house projects–little things like drywall (plaster) replacement and weatherstripping and, y’know, a new HVAC and demolished/rebuilt “master” bath. Digging how the skates are feeling, enjoying hammering out some work projects and feeling pretty good about some personal stuff, too.

Saving money is so much easier when there’s an immediate goal (like, say, a down payment). But also: This is so totally the skirt I’ve been looking for for a month.

(And it’s TJ Maxx, too, so I’m not even being irresponsible.)

Not to mention our “girls night out” kinda thing last night at American Stage in the Park’s Rocky Horror with Mrs. Harrible and Lefty. Being one who enjoys beer, belches, crassness and other stereotypical male things, I’ve never been so tempted by “girls night out.”

But if you’re gonna do it, do it with hockey players. One moment I’m pouring vodka and discussing Ms Conduct special teams and the eastern conference finals; the next I’m doing the Time Warp.

Chug a beer; oh yeah, and I totally need to get some more of that foundation. Does Mary Kay have a shade that’s a little less yellow? And also, I can totally pee faster than that guy. Time me.

Tomboys: It’s how we do.

Anyway, I think as soon as we’re out of our free-for-all, anything-goes weekend mode and back into the workweek, I’ll be able to follow through on at least one of these topics. Or a different one. Hockeyless Sunday night presents an unending set of possibilities.

(Speaking of which, cops are out front again…)


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