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Baseball and a Quick Portrait of Florida Weather

Game got rained out in the bottom of the seventh last night–which in my world is plenty of baseball and a bonus thunderstorm. A big open sky here is a show in and of itself.  For a while it seemed the rain might just skirt us, but then it took over, and we waited for an hour under the stands, drinking beer and chatting with strangers, until it let up enough for us to walk home in makeshift ponchos.



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Pretty Good Week

I lay in bed last night, wincing with every lactic-acid-filled movement and unable to get my knee into a position where it wouldn’t throb like a toothache, while my CPAP SCUBA mask occasionally leaked bursts like an air-duster in my eye, and I thought to myself, “Holy crap. Pretty good week.”

And on a Wednesday. So no, that makes no sense at all.

It’s painfully clear by this age that my sense of “good days” versus “bad days” depends less on circumstances and more on the mysterious tidal pulls of my emotional…moon.

(I feel like “emotional moon” should be the phrase for when people try to tease me until I explode. I need to work on an “emotional oil-check” maneuver.)

(Well, hello coffee, you are fond of tangents, aren’t you. You shall be called “The Segue Maker.”)

(Dammit, now I have Foo Fighters’ “Big Me” in my head.)

ANYway, it can suck that otherwise decent days and weeks might be overshadowed by my personality thunderstorms, so I rejoice in a week like this—busy, exciting, taxing, frustrating, painful, exhausting, and yes, good—that feels pretty awesome because…well, let’s say my homicidal moods have been kept to a minimum, and I haven’t bludgeoned anyone. Yet.

I? Am a ray of sunshine.

You start with free baseball tickets, courtesy of CCB’s cousin, for three consecutive days last weekend. And even though I missed hanging out with the major leaguers Saturday night (I was obliged to lose a soccer game, instead), I was still excited—and only a little bit mad with envy—to hear CCB bust out with random anecdotes as they occurred to him. “And then, as Jason Heyward stood up, Dan Uggla said the funniest thing!”

Bottom of the ninth…

Plus, I am again reminded of the awesomeness that the stadium, crappy though it is, is just a half-hour drive from us.

Then we won a hockey game, which is basically a miracle of miracles. Linemate Captain Beerslinger turns to me in the locker room and says, “Y’know what? That was fun.” Dude, I was thinking the exact same thing.

Monday’s Monday, but not too bad. I started the week with my usual anxiety regarding projects to be done—in this case, a number of small but still significant tasks—but lo and behold, I plowed right through. That’s a great feeling, getting stuff done, once and for all, checking it off the list. I like it.

Boxing workout was good, too, and even though CCB had a mussel catastrophe for Monday’s dinner, I got to see some extended fam and talk about their success (and one failure) with local restaurants. And playoff hockey, and sleep.

And Tuesday was good, too—Tuesday!—as I spent the day looking forward to grilling hamburgers and hanging around in the back yard being productive and feeling relaxed, all at the same time. (P.S. We had the hamburgers on garlic bread. Awesome.)


CCB grill. Hammer…chill. (Oh and yeah, our lawnmower is broken.)

Which brings us to Wednesday—another relaxed-but-productive workday that saw me transition from immediate-deadline things to longer-term projects. Look at me! Working ahead! Then our third visit to Fit Crew: squats and hops and rows and sit-ups and face-planting on exercise balls and the worst assisted ring dips ever. But I climbed the rope! (Once! When I was supposed to do it at least six times! But I did it!) With a mid-hour headache and just overall overdoing it, it was also the closest I’ve come in a while to fainting (and/or puking) in public.

But once you get past that feeling that you’re going to die, lying there on the couch with iced knees and a cool chocolate milk, there’s a great sense of satisfaction—feeling that much stronger, knowing that I won’t feel guilty taking a day off from exercise.

In fact, we will get a good walk in this evening—to and from the single-A baseball game with the ‘rents. Got a great package deal: $50 for 10 tickets to be used whenever throughout the season (normally $6 apiece), plus a hat and a $15 gift card to a local sports bar.

Sure to be one of these kinda nights at the field.

And that’s what I’m looking forward to right now—a minor-league baseball evening (and my hat!). And beyond that, a pre-holiday-weekend Friday (getting out of work early?), the cool balm of late-night hockey practice in the hot summer and knowing there’s no reason to go to bed early. More extreme exercise in the form of Saturday evening soccer, to be followed as quickly as possible by a jump in Krazy Kevin’s pool, and then a cozy UFC evening with friends, and then a Sunday with no agenda whatsoever—not even a worry about Monday, which is also agenda-less.

Yep, pretty good week.

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Like My Facebook Page

To celebrate, I make this post shorter than my most recent BH Facebook post (which goes against every fiber of my neurotic, compulsive being).

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Saturday Night’s All Right

I could be back in college right now: icing my knees after a soccer game (a soccer loss even, heh), watching Friends in sweatpants and a T-shirt, eating microwave gourmet and chocolate milk, waiting for people to get back from the baseball game so we can hang out…

Actually, CCB’s hanging out with his cousin and whatever other Braves players are around the team hotel bar in St. Pete. I told him he has to get me an autograph that says, “To Hannah: baseball is better than soccer.” (I mean, obviously not, but you know how you have to massage these guys’ egos.) He’s going to come home, and I’m totally going to rub his nose in my personalized autograph from John Astin.

That’s all, really. Please continue with your regularly scheduled late-90s nostalgic programming.

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Fit Crew

So, we discovered (or, rather, “were presented with”) a new gym in our neighborhood. You can check out the work blog to see the basic, non-scarcastic story.   Here, I’d like to talk about vanity.

I will absolutely post any and all flattering pictures of myself, but when it comes to the not-so-flattering ones, well…my FB cover image is me in a horse mask. I have a profile picture with a beer bottle up my nose. Sometimes, if you can’t be 100 percent pretty, you might as well embrace the funny and the fugly alike. If they’re going to say you have a “nice personality” anyway, you might as well show it.

This pictorial guide to our first Fit Crew visit is from a whole album taken that day (in honor of the fund raiser they were doing for this kid who…did something. I dunno. He’s going to Australia). (Edited 5/19 to add: Thanks to Julia for the pics!) I think it’s a decent representation of our efforts. But it’s also an incredibly beautiful look at my…personality.

As you can see, I have a great personality. And a generous spirit. This is my gift to you.

Exercise explanation.

Warm-up “lap” up and down the road. I love this because, given the amount of non-exercise foot traffic we get in our neighborhood, I always feel a little weird going for a jog. I don’t know what I’d do if I suddenly saw 30 people  running up and down our street (which is only three blocks over).

Pull-ups for the uninitiated (and weak-armed).

To myself: Ok, seriously? SERIOUSLY?! THIS is the face you make? You look like Steven Seagal mourning a cruller. Jesus. (P.S. Honey, really, the spare tire needs to go back in the car.)

Given the previous picture, it seems uncharitable to point out the person-to-bar-weight discrepancy here. So I won’t.

There weren’t many people relegated to the PVC bar, but by far, I made it look the heaviest.

I call this one “Triumphant Monkey.”

Synchronized “pull-ups.”

Don’t look too hard–we’re not embarrassing ourselves in this pic. (Because we’re…not in this pic.)

Post workout, monkeys flex and eat bananas.

(In all seriousness, though: good times. I’ve been not at all self-conscious the two visits we’ve made, which is lovely. And hey, if you’re making faces, it means you’re working hard. Or…you just have a propensity toward making funny faces. Whichever.)


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What I Am…

Doing: Whiling away a Friday.

Digesting: Two strips of bacon and half a flopsy waffle. (Note to self: Don’t leave Eggos on the counter.)

Eating: Tzatziki sauce. With my finger.

Reading: The warning label on my hand sanitizer. “For external use only.”

Wondering: But what if I wanted to sanitize my SOUL?!

Listening to: Tappity tapping keyboards and grammatical observations from McD and Beaucha.

Feeling: Ennui, anxiety, and hope. For a hot dog.

Nursing: Deltoids and triceps, thanks to Uppercut; hamstrings and back, thanks to Fit Crew.

Making: Lunch plans and gurgly noises. (And questionable use of work time.)

Trying to Get Out of My Head: “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger,” Kelly Clarkson

Regretting: Telling you about that whole Kelly Clarkson thing.

Anticipating: Baseball at the Trop tonight.

Celebrating: New pap smear regulations! (Seriously, and sorry, boys, but when you expect an annual and get a consultation, that’s a good morning.)

Congratulating: CCB, for his new Microsoft certifications and impressive shock of back hair.

Picking: Tzatziki sauce out of my keyboard. And…granola?

Longing For: A hot dog.

Remembering: The health column I’m supposed to be finishing right now…

Considering: Posting something else later with more narrative and pictures and stuff.

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The In-Between Post

Here we are on a hockeyless Sunday, and I am in need of a blog. Sucks that I’m behind. It’s hard when you’ve got a few different things to get written–personal blog tends to slip down the priorities list a little. (Not out of desire, you understand; out of paycheck guilt.)

Anyway, I’ve got a few different things going on–potential topics, exciting new stuff and contemplative appreciation of old things, big accomplishments and quiet little happies.

Had an awesome first experience with FitCrew on Wednesday (working on a workblog for that right now). Big J and a coworker came out on Friday to estimate some house projects–little things like drywall (plaster) replacement and weatherstripping and, y’know, a new HVAC and demolished/rebuilt “master” bath. Digging how the skates are feeling, enjoying hammering out some work projects and feeling pretty good about some personal stuff, too.

Saving money is so much easier when there’s an immediate goal (like, say, a down payment). But also: This is so totally the skirt I’ve been looking for for a month.

(And it’s TJ Maxx, too, so I’m not even being irresponsible.)

Not to mention our “girls night out” kinda thing last night at American Stage in the Park’s Rocky Horror with Mrs. Harrible and Lefty. Being one who enjoys beer, belches, crassness and other stereotypical male things, I’ve never been so tempted by “girls night out.”

But if you’re gonna do it, do it with hockey players. One moment I’m pouring vodka and discussing Ms Conduct special teams and the eastern conference finals; the next I’m doing the Time Warp.

Chug a beer; oh yeah, and I totally need to get some more of that foundation. Does Mary Kay have a shade that’s a little less yellow? And also, I can totally pee faster than that guy. Time me.

Tomboys: It’s how we do.

Anyway, I think as soon as we’re out of our free-for-all, anything-goes weekend mode and back into the workweek, I’ll be able to follow through on at least one of these topics. Or a different one. Hockeyless Sunday night presents an unending set of possibilities.

(Speaking of which, cops are out front again…)

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