Float With It

Sometimes I don’t know what mood I’m in until I write it down. The past few days, with features and other obligations looming, no new blog entry here (nor in my other, more professional manifestation), I’ve been searching for some temporary identity to assign myself so that I can go ahead and get writing. No deal. No assigned point of view means the ideas just come at the page from every which way, which is no fun for my fingers to sort out on the keyboard—and less fun for your brain to sort out through your eyes.

Still with me? Good. Now I think I’ll be a princess.

And despite the fact that I still haven’t fulfilled most of my writing obligations, it’s Friday afternoon, 70 brilliant frigging degrees outside, and nothing on the schedule for the whole weekend but to eat, drink and corral Krazy Kevin. I think I’ll be a happy princess.

O’Leary’s in the late afternoon: the barely cool breeze and the gently warm sun, the crunch of shells under your flip-flops and a sip of cold beer—I captured it once in writing as best I could. That was in retrospect, though, and happiness works better in passing waves. You can’t hold it in your mouth and turn it over and over like hard candy. It’s better appreciated in retrospect. Sitting here, trying to capture the feeling of Friday afternoon, 70 and sunny—it’s like when I go to a big game or a new city, and I find myself stuck looking through my camera the whole time, trying to grab everything as it goes by.

Friday afternoon, 70 and sunny. Time to take a lay back, let go of the ground and just float with it.


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  1. “Now I think I’ll be a princess.”

    For some reason that caught me completely off guard. Scuse me while I get soda out of my keyboard…

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