Desktop Tour

Having just discovered that my underwear accidentally matches my shirt, I have decided to take better stock of my surroundings.

Y’see? Purple.

And I have concluded that I have a lot of weird shit in my cube. (And if my coworkers didn’t think I was weird for all of this weird shit, they certainly do now that I’ve been taking pictures of all the weird shit.)

(The underwear pic was taken in the bathroom, I promise.)

Ma gave me the pink monkey thing years ago for Feb. 14. It sings “It’s Raining Men.” When Jenny Lewis sings “a Valentine from your mother,” I like to think she’s talking about pink disco gorillas.

This is an actual ad from a fitness magazine. It also includes the phrases “lactating man boob,” “anal leakage” and “spasmodic sphincter backlash.” Mmm…peanut butter brownie…

There is a story behind this, but…do you really care?

Everybody needs a rearview mirror on their monitor. Hey, you might also need a list of keyboard shortcuts for special characters. I know I do.

Oh Alf, you and I are so totally on the same level. I always knew.




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5 responses to “Desktop Tour

  1. Ohhhh, I forgot about Alf! How did that even come up to begin with?!

  2. I have NO memory of that childhood photo of you. And I, for one, DO want the story.

    • Heh, it’s actually a stock photo our intern found back in the day and was inspired to write that caption.

      • Thing 2

        I totally thought it was you ’til I saw the watermark. It seriously looks EXACTLY like you at that age. The rage level is right for Wallaces of that, or any other, age as well….

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