Tournament Resolutions

I talk about it every year: I can’t do resolutions. Trying to plan an activity over 365 days is just too daunting, and whatever I choose, I wind up forgetting in five minutes anyway.

So let’s start smaller. Hockey tournament in Miami this weekend. Let me set some goals for myself (and hopefully score some, too). But, let’s face it, I probably won’t be able to keep track of all these goals, so I’m going to let you vote to pick which ones are most important.

…and yes, as is among my usual New Year’s issues, most of these things are the same resolutions I’d have any random October. But maybe the magic of 2012 will compel me to keep them, at least for the weekend.

Any other suggestions?



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4 responses to “Tournament Resolutions

  1. I’m going with the breakaway, because goals are good but breakaways make EVERYONE happy. (Except the opposition, which, Not The Point.)

  2. I’m going with the phone charger because good googaly moogaly the number of times I’ve had to shell out for a “backup” charger on vacation since I forgot mine…you’d think with all the “backups” I’d remember TO AT LEAST PACK ONE.

  3. BananaHammer

    Remembered the phone charger…aaaaand forgot the phone. Brilliant. Also: Scored only one goal, not on a breakaway. And I don’t think eggs Benedict counts as a healthy meal.

  4. Lefty

    So, I’m voting late, but I think this totally counts for February, too. SCORE DAMNIT!

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